History of Crime Against Men

Crime Against Men has existed since ages. Various anecdotal evidences can be tarced across Indian mythology and written traces of history. Quite contrary to the common social dogma that its only women who are victimised, the stark naked reality is that Men are victimised too. Still, don’t believe ? Sample this :

  1. Lord Shiva was choosen to consume the Poison generated during Samudra Manthan. Why not any female diety was chosen for consuming half of the entire potion ? Does this not breach the very fundamentals of Equality of Genders ?
  2. The Epic Ramayana has several mentions of crime and attrocities against men. How    did Kind Dasratha die ? The legendary emperor who has even won the senses, died    such a miserable death at the hands of two wicked women named Kaikai and              Manthara. Was it not Domestic Violence of Queen Kaikai inflicted upon Darhratha
  3. The situation has hardly changed till now. Neither any investigation was conducted   on the death of the King of Ayodhya nor does any conviction take place for his death. Similarly, unscrouplous women guilty of crime against men even go scott free today.
  4. On a purly legal truf, the exile sentenced to Lord Rama is also an act of coersion and undue influence of the Queen Kaikai and done with malafide intent. Was Kaikai ever tried in any court of law ? Nor does any present day Kaikai’s gets to face any judicial process for crime, how so ever bloated in nature. The entire system is out to protect   the criminal in women.

Many such incidents can be reported and debated but the fact remains that since time immeorial men have been subjected to crime, violence and attrocities etc, but to no anvil.

The society has been in a blatant denial mode that any male can be subjected to any sort of crime ? The situation had been the same  since then. This blog is an attempt to bring out this pain of men out.  Such crime exisisted then, it exists now and goes unabated.