Equality for Men – The startup story

It was somewhere before the International Men’s Day, 2014 that the idea of starting a web portal for news & views in the Men’s rights space germinated. The search was domain names got settled on this domain name and it was acquired. Prior to us this domain name was held by someone who did not build upon it.

Some content hosting was done but the idea did not move much. Incidentally, the domain name expired after one year.  Google searches on our name did not show any result by then. Meaning thereby, it was an uncharted territory for now.  Coupled with the fact that the idea within was refusing to die. As a result, sometimes later in Jan 2016 the domain was again acquired with a fresh resolve.

The most interesting fact is that, in October 2018, when this post is being written, Google searches on our domain name still remain blank. That leaves us with the thought the reporting on Men’s rights and associated issues is not widely available. In the age when the world is agog with the chants of #GenderEquality the Men’s side of the story is not finding its rightful space. Discrimination, inequality and unjust behavior against men is not even talked about. We find this a distorted situation. A situation that needs to be addressed. That leaves us with stronger resolve to move ahead on this path.

As we embark upon our journey to document, present and represent the story of Men, we look forward to your feedback to make our work more meaningful.  Do send your bouquets and brickbats to editor@EqualityForMen.org


PS. : Till very recently a search on google even with our name resulted in EqualityForWomen