Write on Men’s Issues

We welcome guest writers to write on Men’s issues. Should you want to share your thought on any dimension of men’s space this is your opportunity to get heard.

Some suggested areas can be :

  1. Discrimination against men and boys : This can range from discrimination within the family, society, folklore, official system, law, policy making and judicial system.
  2. Pre-conceived notions about men and boys : Society carries a large number of pre-conceived negative notions on men which portray men in negative light and are damaging in the long run.
  3. Victimization & ostracization of male : At the hands of the government and society. Due to the social thought & policy making being skewed in favour of the females, the men are being systematically denied their dues. It would be appreciated if the  unrest caused in men could be documented.
  4. The making of a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) : You could share your story of becoming an MRA. Your initiation, your journey and even the challenges you faced as an MRA. Obviously #SpeakUpMen
  5.  The good work : You can also share any worthwhile contribution for furthering  the cause of men’s rights and associated issues. Some experiment gone successful. It could be about some event, some occasion, meetings etc.
  6. Legal battles :  You could share your journey in fighting the legal battle. Some hard lessons that you learned and would like to share with others.

This is just a suggestive / indicative list. Should you have any other thoughts you are welcome to share with us. May be, it could be developed further and made into something interesting, educative and socially relevant work.

Communication is the key to get yourself heard. That is why we are open to all forms of communications. One could contribute in written words, audios, videos or a combination of these methods of communication.

Just drop us an email editor@EqualityForMen.org