The Cause

The Cause:

The cause of men’s rights is rather an unusual one. It’s an under explored territory. It may even sound politically incorrect.  This is preciously the reason why it needs to be taken up. As the era of #GenderEquality spreads its wings to various aspects of human life, it becomes imperative that the very concept of #GenderEquality does not remain #GenderSkewed in favor of only one gender.

All the literature on gender discourse talks about #GenderEquality only from the perspective of the women. In its entire discourse the idea of #GenderEquality misses out, overlooks and rather deliberately & consciously leaves behind the men.

It is here the very idea of #GenderEquality stands defeated by itself. Equality for Men  believes that if #GenderEquality has to survive and really exist on this planet, it has to exist for both the genders alike. One gender cannot and should not think of its emancipation by compromising and crushing the rights of the other. This makes a valid case for the cause of the Men’s Rights.