Equality for Men 

#GenderEquality #GenderSensitivity #GenderBudgeting #GenderHealth  #GenderDiscrimination

Ever thought why these terms are read from the perspective of only one gender – The Women? The world is unfairly fair to the fairer sex. Explore more of our works to believe what you just read.  The men are left out, read consciously eliminated, from any gender discourse.  Since time immemorial to the modern-day civilization there are umpteen instances of historic evidence, social discourse, folklore, talks, beliefs and other instances which discriminate against men, as a gender.

Equality for Men is the forum to address this facet of Gender Equality. It aims to remove gender biases, stereo types and pre-conceived notions that run against the male gender, by documenting and highlighting them with the aim of bringing such issues in mainstream. The popular belief runs that men are the ‘haves’ of the society, while women being the ‘have-nots’. On the contrary, we find that both the genders suffer and have to undergo similar situations at the hands of the society, system, law and the judiciary. The only perceptible difference being that women’s grief is portrayed prominently while the male side of the story does not usually see the light of the day.  EFM attempts to fill this gap of prevalent documented and dependable literature on the male side of the gender discourse.

Equality for Men aims to highlight & document the unheard story of the male. At times they may be stories of pathos, pain, grief and sufferings, inflicted by society, system, law and justice. Most men prefer to suffer in oblivion and seldom vent their story out, often due to an unexplained feeling of personal guilt and more often due to the societal setup, which does not accept its men, out to share their grief.  The real challenge lies in making men speak about themselves. This is a humble attempt to present and highlight the biases, perception and indoctrinated mindset that claims that the ‘Men do-not feel the pain.’

Welcome aboard to this world which is so unequal to its men.

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